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Terdapat 2 perasa : coklat / vanila
Terdapat 2 saiz : 450g / 900g

Appeton Weight Gain (Adult) 450g
Harga Pasaran : RM 69.00
Harga Kami : RM 65.00

Appeton weight gain (Adult) 900g
Harga Pasaran : RM 119.00
Harga kami : RM 110.00

Appeton Weight Gain (Adult), a scientifically formulated milk formula manufactured to help skinny adult to gain weight in a healthy and natural way.
There are many reasons why adult are underweight. Most adult are skinny genetically where they have higher metabolism rate compare to others.  Busy lifestyle with stress, depression, smoking, poor appetite, convalescence or strenuous physical activities are part of the reason why most adult stay skinny.
Amongst ladies especially, image might be another possible cause of poor eating habits.   The influences from the TV commercial, image of "slim is beauty", cultural, public talk, trendy and etc pressure girl and even guy to stay slim.  In serious cases, they become obsessed with losing weight and run the risk of becoming anorexic.
An essential supplement of vitamins and minerals, specific amount of amino acids in specific combination and sufficient amount of calories from carbohydrate and fat are needed to gain weight.   Appeton Weight Gain (Adult) contains carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, minerals and high protein. Protein is required for tissue growth.  Appeton Weight Gain (Adult) provides all the required amino acids.  Carbohydrate and fat added to provide the required "fuel" for energy, thereby saving the protein content for tissue growth.

The key to gain weight

Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER)
PER is a measurement of a protein's ability to increase body weight.  Research shows that protein source which is high in L-lysine will register a higher PER value. Appeton Weight Gain (Child) provides all the required amino acids fortified with L-lysine that improves the PER value.  PER with 2.5 is the standard used for nutrient labeling purposes for quality protein claims. Appeton Weight Gain (Child) has a PER value as high as 3.1.

L-lysine promotes growth and bone development amongst children.  A study conducted in Japan proved it.  A group of children were given a supplement containing 0.5g L-lysine HCL everyday.  At the end of the test, the average height and weight of the children with L-lysine supplement were recorded higher than that of the control group.

To generate tissue growth, our body needs specific amounts.  Without these two conditions, the normal protein synthesis will stop together (since the synthesis is such that if just one amino acid is absent, the whole system falls apart).  Appeton weight gain ensures tissues growth because it contains all the right amino acids at the right amount.

Bioavailability, or biological value, measure the efficiency of a protein in promoting tissue growth upon consumption.  Research has shown that natural protein such as meat has a low and inconsistent bioavailability because it is harder to break down. Beef and chicken, for example, have a biological value of 80 and 79 respectively. Appeton Weight Gain (Adult) has a higher bioavailability because it uses whey protein, which contains a high concentration of branched amino acids that are more easily digested and absorbed. The biological value of Appeton Weight Gain (Adult) whey protein is 100 and milk protein is 88.


An Efficacy study of Appeton Weight Gain (Adult) as a weight enhancing regime among underweight subjects did by Dr. Amin Ismail and Tee Chin Kim, University Putra Malaysia.   Study shown that children who are underweight, Body Mass Index less than 23kg/m2, consumed Appeton Weight Gain (Adult) 3 times a day, on top of the normal meal for 2 months.  Significant result shown that average of 2 kg weight gained after 2 months intervention. As conclusion, Appeton Weight Gain has proven to be effective as a weight-enhancing regime.  Appeton Weight Gain can be recommended for gradual and healthy weight gain without any complication.


Skimmed milk, milk proteins, vegetable oils, saccharose, chocolate flavour, fibre, vanilla flavour, minerals, vitamins, soya lecithin and maltodextrin.

•Chocolate flavour.

•Add 40g-50g (3 ½ - 4scoops) to 300ml of warm water.
•2 – 3 times daily, one hour after each meal.
•Important to maintain other usual diet pattern.

•Available in 450g, 700g and 900g.


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